Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meeting the Virtual Santa Claus

This time of year always reminds me of stress-filled childhood meetings with Santa: the nervous stomach, the sweaty palms, the self-doubt as I stood in line waiting my turn.

Would I leave my senses and forget to tell him what I wanted for Christmas? How would I respond when asked if I'd been good this year (lie and say I had, or be honest and risk the consequences)? And, would I make a fool of myself if asked a question I wasn't prepared to answer?

Thanks to the virtual world, all of that would seem to be a problem of the past. The web-based game,, developed by Fantastec, is in beta testing currently and allows the little ones to meet Santa in relative emotional safety. There's also a bit about some missing magic crystals (the secret of Christmas is in danger, of course), and caring for animals somehow becomes part of the Christmas story line.

But, hey, if polar heroes can save just one child the trauma of a face-to-face with Saint Nick, isn't it worth it? 

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Nice :)