Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Medical Training Using the ClinicSpace Virtual Simulation

Several weeks ago, I wrote about some recent research regarding the use of Second Life as a platform for nurse's training at Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK. This week, I ran across the video below of a medical virtual world simulation operated by ClinicSpace that would seem to be leaps and bound ahead of anything Second Life, or any other virtual world I'm familiar with, can provide currently.

The video was uploaded by shamblesguru, who isn't exactly expert at navigating the simulation. Nevertheless, the detail and features of the software are obvious. The simulation operates in a web browser and, according to ClinicSpace, doesn't even require a graphics card be available on the computer running the simulation.

In the second installment, you can hear the patient coughing and making other noises, and you can see the various tests the medical student could choose to evaluate and treat the patient.

The ClinicSpace web site has slightly more information, but requires a subscription to access, which is unfortunate. I couldn't find much more information via Google about it, but it would appear to be a versatile way to provide virtual simulation for a variety of disciplines via a platform that doesn't require the end user have a powerful PC.

Many of us who are familiar with virtual worlds tend to think that the type of immersive platforms we enjoy on a daily basis are the standard for all things virtual. Certainly ClinicSpace is an example of the versatility of this medium and the limitless potential of virtual worlds for professional training.

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